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Before it's an art, it's a craft."   ~ Phil Woods 




Q: Does each JazzAbility Masterclass only cost $12 !?

A: Yes! BUT, we recommend you sign up for Membership, SO each class only costs $8!

Q: What formats does JazzAbility use to teach a lesson online?


A: JazzAbilty uses Zoom for MASTERCLASSES, but you and the teacher can also decide to use a different format, like FaceTime or What’s App, for instance.


Q: Can I take a single Masterclass, think on it, and then join a little while later?

A: Yes. Although we recommend that you do not miss classes, the Masterclasses are not a sequence of classes. YOU CAN ALSO purchase any missed classes at the same price as downloads.

Q: When are lessons taught, during what days and times?


A: Lesson days and times are determined between student and teacher.

Q: How long do I have, to take an 8 pack of classes?


A: You must take the 8 lesson pack within 16 weeks.



Q: Can I get my money back, if I don’t take my lesson?


A: There are no refunds, BUT you CAN switch teachers.



Q: Do you offer 45 minute lessons?


A: No, we offer 30, 60, and 90 minute lessons.



Q: How many hours ahead of time must I cancel my class to reschedule it?


A: You need to cancel your class 24 hours ahead of time, to reschedule it.

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