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Extras for You

In all of our years of teaching we have been there at least once ... the corner or the lime light without that little extra needed energy and inspiration to beat the low tide of unresponsiveness. And sometimes, we just needed an extra copy of something. Here you will find what we can share with one another to get each other going, or pick each other up, or inspire one another to new heights of success.

Feel free to share resources too. Anything related to music education can be posted here.

just email it to Jessy Kaiser, Admin. Coordinator.

~ Thanks!

While you may have your ideas, goals, and lessons set already, should you find yourself with a student or a group that begs more flexibility & creative ideas to inspire better learning flow, the abstract to Buddha in the Classroom is quite useful. Check it out, by click in on the Buddha.

Here is an interesting presentation on Zen and music, especially in relating the craft of teaching and the art form of listening. Click on the temple to read Donald Funes response to Zen and the Art of Music Listening, when he presented it at The college Music Society.

Create a Treasure Hunt for Your Students - 

Here's Your Chance To Win

Thanks for submitting!

Use the opportunity to start out on the right musical note, by creating a fun treasure hunt for your students that relates to your instrument and the music style you will teach.


You can also use this as an ice breaker between lessons, or as a fun reward after a few lessons. 

Smart Music Tools

Click on the sheet music to get access to more tools, if need other resources for your lessons.

Smart Music Tools.jpg
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