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Masterclass Archives

(More Masterclasses are added to the archives weekly. Thank you for stopping by.)

MC1: Introduction To Elements Used In Improvisations

MC2: 8 Ways to Practice Just About Everything & More

MC 3: How to Be Your Own Real Book Part I & “Lady Can You Sing Me A Song”

MC 4: How To Practice Without Your Instrument, Rhythm: Introduction to “The Pockets”

MC 5: Singing Along With Recordings & Intro To Voice Leading Lines

MC 6: Singing With Records &  2-5-1 In Minor Keys & More

MC 7: Singing With Lester Young, Harmonic Shifts, Use of Sequences & Intro To The Diminished Scale

MC 8: Solar Studies & “What Is This Thing Called Love - Phase 1, Singing & Playing Melodic & Harmonic Minors

MC 9: It Don’t Mean A Thing - Playing from Rhythmic Concept & “What Is This Thing” Phase 2

MC 10: Learning Vocabulary & Rhythm Studies: Meet the Beats & Pockets of the Time (Beats & Downbeats)

Tune Study: What Is This Thing (cont.)

MC 11: Vocabulary, The Pockets & Improvising Options   

MC 12: Ear Training, Studies In Rhythm & Voice Leading

MC 13: Singing Scale Permutations, Harmonic Options & How To Learn Tunes

MC 14: Playing Slowly, Harmonic Options On 2-5-1, Learning Tunes: How To Be Your Own Real Book (Cont.)

MC 15: Ear Training thru Singing, Be Your Own Real Book: Tune Study: Cherokee, Creating Melodic “Sequences” & more.

MC 16: House of Harmony, Meet the Beets & How to Improvise Using Sequences

MC 17: The Science of Syncopation & The House of Harmony In the “Twin” (Flatted 5th Key)
MC 18: Sing Along with Bird, Rhythm Studies - Slap, Snap or Tap, House of Harmony: Building the Duplex

MC 19: Musical Prosody: Phrasing & Articulation of 8th Notes, Sing Along with Bird & Slap, Snap or Tap - Part II

MC 20: Line Movements on 2-5-1, Harmonic Movements & Events Within a Tune: Cherokee & More Rhythmic Studies

MC 21: Listening Specifically,  Rhythm Studies & How To Practice A Song

MC 22: Singing & Ear Training, Voice Leading Lines, “Target” Notes & Making “Wrong” Notes Sound Right, Rhythm Study: Billie’s Bounce

MC 23:  “Target” Notes & Making “Wrong” Notes Sound Right, Rhythm Study: Billie’s Bounce (LEVEL 2)
MC 24: 12 Step Guide to Paraphrase & Reconstruction, Tune Study: There Will Never Be Another You & Line Cliches

MC 25: Levels of Paraphrase and Melodic Reconstruction, Tune Study &  Analysis & More: Out Of Nowhere

MC 26: Singing, Voice Leading Line Movements, Listening to Paraphrases from “Out of Nowhere” & Contrafacts  

MC 27: Singing Solos, Voice Leading Line Movements, Acapella (Out Of Nowhere with Lyrics), Line Cliches

MC 28: Scale Permutations and Chromatic Intervals, Learning Phrases in All Keys & More

MC 29: Finding the Harmonic “Events” Within A Tune

MC 30: Riffing On The Blues, Scat Singing On 8th Notes On Standards, Play Phrases in All Keys, Line Cliches on “Another You”

MC 31: Singing the Lyrics, Melodic Paraphrase, Harmonic Shift On II Minor 7 II Flat II 7 to One Major, & How to Learn A Phrase In All Keys

MC 32: MC 32: Foundations of Melodic Paraphrasing & The Importance of Knowing the Lyrics

MC 33: Singing Solos with Recordings, Melody & Obligato, More Voice Leading, Parallel Phrases in Flatted 5ths, Mental Preparation Using Classical or Numerical Solfeggio  

MC 34: Playing By Ear Equals Playing By Mind: The Merging of Intuition & Logic

MC 35: Beyond Transcription: How To Learn Bebop Lines Phrase By Phrase - Playing Phrases In Different Keys In Several Different Intervalic Combinations

MC 36: Emphasis on Ear Training Through Singing & Combining Intuition & Logic


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