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The Beginner Trumpet Course Will Include:

o Correct breathing
o A correct embouchure
o How to buzz with and without the mouthpiece o How to hold the instrument
o A few basic notes

Put the instrument together and show the teacher
o Explain the steps for a correct embouchure and how to recognize an incorrect embouchure
o Demonstrate a correct embouchure for their teacher o Play the different notes they have learned

... and much more ...

Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 3.10_edited.jpg
Level: Beginner
Lifetime Access via Class Recording
4 Lessons
2 Hrs.
Downloadable Audio Class Recording
Downloadable Video Class Recording
Living Notation
Accommodated International Class Schedule

“We all have strong and weak areas of knowledge and ability.

Our teachers a BMA can show you how to exploit your strengths and transcend your limitations, making you a better musician! 
BMA the “How To” School!

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