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"I had the pleasure of taking some lessons with Bob on Kirk MacDonalds recommendation back in the ‘90’s, an astonishing musician, composer, arranger, teacher - I will treasure those conversations we had forever, am still motivated by what he spoke to me about - cheers Bob Mover!"

~ Kenneth Paul White

"Bob Mover Bob, I don't post much around here. But I have to tell you....I was at York University here in Toronto, 1st year music. You came in to do a workshop. You played solo for us, just in one of the medium size classrooms. And I had never heard swing time played like that. I couldn't even really concentrate on the notes because I was so astonished at your time. No rhythm section was necessary. It was all there. That was a long time ago but it had such an effect on me. I tell that story often. Thank you."

~ Nic Bass

"In my opinion, Bob Mover is one of the great jazz artists of our time. I think of him as a lyric story teller whose primary voice is the saxophone. Oh, and what stories he has to tell, having hung and played with some of the great pioneers of the music. Since I first heard him in 1978, in Boston, I was impressed with his artistry.  He played the alto saxophone like a song ‘bird’. An endless stream of improvised ideas and a strong, hard swinging facility, but with a very mature, romantic sensibility. Kind of like Bird… but with his own 'modern' edge. His soprano sound killed me. I was intrigued… he wasn’t a typical academia nut.  He had the music in him and he was so forthright in helping younger aspiring musicians in art of being musical. I got to know him and eventually play with him over the years. We've had many laughs together and some of my most rewarding playing experiences. I came to realize that, outside of his penchant for mischief and mirth, he expresses the finer points of the lyrics through the saxophone… the parts the words on their own can't fully convey... and he knows the words of any and all classic songs of the American songbook and beyond... so well... as well as his knowledge of  the music, which is formidable. He embraces the whole song and he is a poet himself.  I've heard his songs and they all tell a true story.  He sings occasionally, with the warmth of one truly living the poetic meaning. Whether it's a ballad or a burner, Bob's on edge with the muses. To the point where his edge sometimes outshines physical limitations.  Last gig we did about a month ago was a duo.  He blew the roof off and turned a few hearts to jelly, respirator and all! I don’t know many people like that. I’m proud to call him my close friend. He’s a great teacher to me, on many raw and transcendent levels. He has a precious gift to give to anyone with an ear to hear.

For heavens sake, people of the music, don't sleep on Bob Mover! Especially now in his time of need! He is a true original."

- Bob Albanese
Jazz Pianist

*Has performed, arranged & recorded with
Anita O’Day, Buddy Rich, Warne Marsh,
Rita Moreno & many others.


“I was fortunate to study with Bob as a young musician and the effect on my
playing was profound. Not only did I improve quickly and by leaps and
bounds but my commitment level went to new heights as well. Bob sweeps his
students up in the genuine love and excitement he feels for the music. At the
same time he is an organized, thorough, and detail-oriented educator.”

Toby Wine
Director of Programs
Church Street School for Music & Art


"A lesson from Bob @ 3:30am. I can go back to bed a little smarter than when I awoke."

- Joel Chriss

In reaction to Bob Mover's Master Class Post:


"As a kid, after watching this amazing video, my first thought would have been, “Wow, I need a lesson with Bob Mover!”; oblivious to the fact I just got one.


However, similar to my mentor’s lessons there is so much candor and nuance in your video that there’s a college degree’s worth

of knowledge imparted in 20 minutes.


Thank you for posting this."

-Michael Rudd

"Haha watching this great video at 2:30am..."There are two kinds of people...blowers and no blows...the world is full of no blows". This couldn't be more true, I really liked the way you articulated the importance of the history and personal tastes as well as influences. Dynamics... starting phrases in different places...that was all great, yet you still emphasized the supreme importance of listening and looking to the music for understanding and developing a personal identity. This is the kind of lesson I enjoy hearing as a music student because the music is so much more than just notes. Thanks Mr. Mover!"

- Ed Spillane



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